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Field Fayre Wild Birdfood

Produced by British Farmers | Trading as Marches Natural Products

The Field Fayre range of All Seasons Mix and Prime Peanuts are prepared, mixed, packed and distributed from our own site.

All Season Mix

Prime Peanuts

The wheat and oats in our mixes are from our ACCS assured farms. Whole grains and seeds form the majority of the feeds, as this is much closer to the natural diet of wild birds.

All Field Fayre products are gas flushed with food grade nitrogen during packing. This eliminates the possibility of cereal mites which live naturally in cereal crops and if not controlled, may contaminate other cereal based products in warehouse, on shelf or customer homes. Gas flushing helps extend shelf life of our range and is unique within the Birdfood market.

All the range is produced to the BSA (Birdcare Standards Association) standards. Marches Natural Products is a founder member of the BSA.

Over the last 25 years an alarming decline in the numbers of Britainís best-loved birds is giving conservationists cause for concern. The countryside today is a much less bird friendly place than it was 25 years ago. Changes in farming practices, the demand for land for development, the need for more water and the problem of pollution have taken their toll, reducing food and nesting sites for farmland species.

The Field Fayre range helps to redress these declines. The conveniently sized packs are suitable for all year round feeding. Field Fayre products give customers the ability to support wild birds as part of their weekly supermarket shop.